The Benefits of Green Tea and How it Helps Promote Weight Loss

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What are the benefits of green tea?

Asian societies have known the  properties and benefits of green tea for thousands of years.  Only recently has it become known in western civilizations that there are many health benefits of tea consumption.

Many studies have been done and the findings support a green tea diet.  These studies have shown that the antioxidant in teas to have positive impacts on asthma, heart health, stress and blood pressure reduction as well as weight loss.

We will focus on the weight loss benefits of green tea, combined with other teas and how they form a synergy to promote weight loss.

What is Tea?

Tea is from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant, which is native to Asia.  It is an evergreen shrub that grow to about 7 feet.  The young, light green leaves are usually harvested for tea production. White, green, oolong, pu-erh and black teas are all harvested from the same plant and processed differently to give the different flavors.  The amount of oxidation in processing gives the different tastes.  Green tea undergoes minimal oxidation and retains a high amount of its antioxidants.

Processed Foods

Processed food items of all types are actually loaded with calories which you may likely not understand exist. Which is obviously necessary so as to grant processed foods a prolonged shelf life.
Plus owing to the undeniable lack of flavor associated with processed foods, manufacturers put in a lot of sodium, sweetener and also artificial flavors to compensate.

Okay -- what you give up in well-balanced nutrition you gain in convenience!

Heed the facts-- not the advertising and marketing.
Nevertheless, a large number of pre-processed food items and beverages viewed as diet, low-calorie or appropriate for slimmers have been checked by Consumer Protection institutions and identified to be the opposite of what they assert on the package!
It has been proven that some 'diet' food products contain as many as, or in some shameful cases, even more calories than the regular version!

And that is certainly not fair at all!

Dr. Fuhrman
Dr. Fuhrman


One of the explanations so many dieters have found it almost impossible to drop weight, is that it's practically impossible to monitor the concealed calories that wreck your diet strategy.
If the only means to stay clear of those concealed calories that sabotage your diet regimen was to change to a totally unprocessed diet plan and put in additional time grocery shopping and cooking - the obesity epidemic will never end!
Certainly there must definitely be a healthier way to drop weight correctly, safely and quickly - most definitely?

Thermogenesis - One of the Benefits of Green Tea

Thermogenesis is a terrific natural process that accelerates the rate of metabolism, so you receive the same amount of fat-burning as a tough, punishing exercise program or a drastic reduction in food consumption-- without any exercising or dieting! One of the benefits of green tea.

The 4 teas made from the Camellia Sinensis plant are jam-packed full of the components shown to produce healthy, fast, fat-burning, thermogenesis and they are green tea, white tea, pu-erh tea and oolong tea.

Why doesn't everyone know this?

Well, for just one really simple explanation-- the obesity-busting teas made with the Camellia Sinensis plant are not owned by a multi-national business that is able to regulate accessibility, devote millions on advertising and marketing and pocket a huge profit!
Plus your doctor will not advise you about the four weight-loss teas either, since they can not make any money from a green tea diet.
Don't get the idea that the medical world and obesity specialists are skeptical about the benefits of green tea and the potent thermogenic and appetite suppressing action of a green tea diet.
Quite the reverse is true-- since their results are the clinical proof!

Clinical evidence for the benefits of green tea.

The substantial volume of international research into these 4 teas as a practical treatment for obesity has been coming up with the same exceptional weight-reducing results for many years.
Consuming a blend of these thermogenic teas truly does produce solid, significant weight loss - rapidly, safely and once and for all!
As long as you keep consuming a blend of these four teas, the high amounts of catechins in the tea will go on:

  • Burning-off unwanted fat.
  • Making your stomach feeling full for much longer.
  • Draining unnecessary fluids.
  • Halting hunger pangs.
  • Limiting the creation of new fat-cells.

When blended in a scientific process known as synergy, the four teas' individual trimming qualities are significantly boosted, and like a well-trained football team, the strength is enhanced by 10 times.

Mou Tea is a specially prepared synergetic blend of high quality green, white, oolong and pur-eh teas with a delicate flavor to enjoy at home, at work and on any occasion.

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