Healthy Weight Loss

Needing healthy weight loss is not just a cosmetic issue. It is emotionally and physically draining. It is frustrating to try and lose a few pounds only to fail or lose a little and gain back more. It is also not healthy. Being overweight leads to many health issues including cancers, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and more. It also leads to early death.

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Counting Calories and Portion Control is Wrong!

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The typical approaches to lose weight are wrong. Counting calories doesn't work. Portion control doesn't work. Fad diets don't work. They may work initially, but 97% of people that lose weight on these diets don't keep it off and that is not healthy weight loss. People know that they are probably going to fail but they fall for the fad diet hype and try anyway. Most of these diets are just unhealthy even if you do lose weight.

We have to change the way we think about food and diets. We have to learn to listen to our bodies. Learn to eat only when you are hungry. Learn to eat the right foods. Plenty of food. Nutritious foods, not from a fast food restaurant. Most importantly, learn to not eat at a fast food restaurant.

It is estimated that 1 out of every 4 people eat at a fast food restaurant every day. Not only are these meals high in calories but they are low in nutrition. It is hard to lose weight eating this kind of food. Heck, even the salads are not that healthy.

Eating the right foods is easier than you might think. Think vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans and add in some nuts and seeds. You need to eat a variety of different kinds of foods every day. Eat a rainbow of colors from the plant world to get the nutrients your body needs. Use processed foods, sweets, oils and meats sparingly or even better, not at all. Use a Healthy Food Pyramid to plan your meals.


Nutrition is the key. That is why calorie counting and portion control don't work. What happens when you focus on reducing the amount of food you are eating, is you limit the amount of nutrients you are getting. Especially if you are still eating high calorie low nutrient foods. The body will start to crave foods to get the nutrition it needs. Doctor Joel Fuhrman explains this in great detail in his book Eat to Live.

Most fad diets also limit the types of foods you eat and limit your nutrients. Some are just down right unhealthy. The Atkins Diet and the South Beach Diet are two of the most unhealthy diets out there, yet they still get rave reviews on some sites and in the media. Check out my page on Diet Reviews. Healthy weight loss requires highly nutritious foods and fad diets don't give you that nutrition.

Listening To Your Body

You also have to start listening to your body. Now what the heck does that mean? Many people eat when they are not hungry; it is more emotion than hunger. You have to learn what hunger really is. Fasting is a way to learn what hunger is, but you don't have to go that far. When you get hungry your blood sugar drops, you might get a headache or feel weak but you know when you are really hungry. Only eat when you are hungry not when you just feel like eating.

Eat slowly. Take the time to thoroughly chew you food. Your sense of being full has a time delay from when you really are full. About 15 minutes or so. If you eat to fast you will keep eating after you are full. Eat slowly and enjoy it and listen to your body to know when you really are full. This will help you to lose weight.


When you start a healthy weight loss plan you will still crave the unhealthy foods you were used to eating. That is because you probably are addicted to them. Cheese contains trace amounts of morphine. Really. Could be why it is so hard to give up cheese. You have become addicted to cheese. Cheese was the hardest thing to give up for me. I still want it sometimes, but after 6 months of no cheese it is not so hard to resist.

There are other foods you have become addicted to, not just because they contain morphine but because you have become emotionally dependent on them. Again Doctor Fuhrman explains this in his book Eat to Live.

Usually the cravings for the unhealthy foods stop after about 6 weeks, then you can listen to your body when it craves an orange or a tomato. It is telling you that you need the nutrients in that particular food. Then you can really start your healthy weight loss and eat as much as you want. You will be getting the nutrients and fiber your body needs and you won't have to count calories or watch your portion size. It is hard to overeat when you are eating plant based foods. Make salads your main course. Eat beans daily. Include regular whole grains. Include seeds and nuts in moderation because of the high calorie content.

There are many Healthy Recipes that you can use. Some include meat others are vegetarian or vegan. I think that if you make some changes in lifestyle you can healthy weight loss. Sometimes those changes can be minor sometimes major. You need to educate yourself and make your own decision on what to include in your diet. Don't fall for the latest fad.

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