Benefits of Organic Food

benefits of organic food

Should you be concerned with the benefits of organic food vs non-organic food? Most of the vegetables grown today are sprayed with insecticides, fungicides, given plant growth regulators and hormones, and are fed with synthetic fertilizers. All of which are not present naturally and are foreign substances to the human body.

Some scientists believe that people exposed to the small amount of toxins that they receive from non-organic consumption poses no risk at all. They believe that's the body normally breaks down the small amount ingested of these pesticides and that it would take a thousand times more to cause cancer.

Others believe that there is a risk in consuming these small amounts, there is just no way to prove it. They also believe that it is prudent to reduce exposure to the multiple toxins present in our food supply and that is one of the benefits of organic food. Some believe that there is a build up of these chemicals over time and cause adverse reactions in the body.

Dr. Fuhrman
Dr. Fuhrman

If you are concerned with the chemical and pesticides in your food then be aware that animal products contain the most toxic pesticide residue. Beef and dairy having the most since they are fed large amounts of tainted feed. Synthetic food has been linked to Mad Cow Disease. Another additive, dioxin, has been linked to several cancers in humans. That is why I eat only organic or home grown vegetables out of my organic vegetable garden . I also eat eggs from my organic chickens that live in my back yard.

Another benefit of organic food is that no pesticides and fertilizers are released into the environment. That helps protect everyone.

Animals that are on organic farms live better compared to animals in conventional farms. That is because the farm has to be healthy and sustainable so that the animals don't need any antibiotics or other synthetic substances. Just another one of the benefits of organic food.

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