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Here you will find links to useful and informative sites. At Healthy Eating for Better Living, I try and only put sites on here that will help to inform you about how to live a healthy and better life. I also put link exchange sites at the bottom.

If you find one that doesn't belong, please inform me so I can review it or if you want to suggest a site, please use the form on the feedback page.

Health and Weight Loss

Recipes by The Everyday Gourmet

Learning to select and use fresh, beautiful ingredients and basic cooking techniques will move you from ordinary to extraordinary! 

Healthy Weight Loss Help

This site is dedicated to help you discover real solutions to achieve amazing weight loss. Our solutions are all natural and easy. You will feel terrific and it works!

Cancer Treatment Tips

This is a great site for tips on how to naturally treat cancer. Cancer is NOT a Death Sentence! Cancer Treatment can be both Natural and Effective. A Proven Remedy that has healed many.

Diabetes Fit for Life

This site is to help you control your diabetes with exercise, medication and free diabetic friendly recipes.

Healthy Diet Living

Discover healthy diet living and how to lose weight naturally through healthy eating. Find a range of great healthy recipes, diet advice and real experiences that will help you reach your goal.

Exercise and Fitness

Fitness advice for FREE!

A gym instructor's advice for free, get fit, lose weight and gain muscle by reading my quality advice, for free! :)

Vitamins and Supplements

Vitamin D Benefits

Learn the benefits of and how to get vitamin D.


How to use Craigslist to make money

Dr. Fuhrman
Dr. Fuhrman

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